Big And Small, Fitness Balls Do It All

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Do I need several types of fitness balls?

Big And Small, Fitness Balls Do It All

There's more to fitness balls than the large exercise balls that you might see rolling around the gym. Fitness balls come in a variety of sizes to mix up your fitness routine.

-Big balls: Large fitness balls, such as FitBALL® Exercise Balls, are great for balance exercises that engage your core muscles. These balls are especially good for ab crunches—you work your abs in three dimensions and engage deeper muscles than when you do a standard sit-up. And the FitBALL® Exercise Ball comes in four sizes: 45 cm, 55 cm, 65 cm, and 75 cm, to accommodate all shapes, sizes, and ability levels.

-Small balls: Small fitness balls, such as the FitBALL® Mini, can supplement your Pilates or resistance exercises. These small balls are 9 inches in diameter, and the inflation can be adjusted if you want to use them to support your neck during certain stretches or physical therapy exercises.



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