Mix Up Your Ab Routine With A Ball Pass Crunch

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What are some fitness ball exercises to do at home?

Mix Up Your Ab Routine With A Ball Pass Crunch

Falling into a fitness training rut? Using a new piece of equipment, such as a fitness ball, can jump start your routine, and you may meet some muscles that you didn't know you had.

Fitness ball exercises are great for total body fitness training, but they are especially popular among those who want to work their abs.

Try this “ball pass” crunch as part of your fitness training routine:

-Start by lying on your back holding a large fitness ball, such as the FitBALL® Exercise Ball, in both hands.

-Raise your legs so that your shins are parallel to the floor

-Lift your torso, keeping your head in line with your spine as much as possible, and place the ball between your lower legs.

-Lean back and lower your legs almost to the floor, reaching your arms back.

-Lift your torso up again, and reach forward and grab the ball. Lean back, holding the ball above your head.

-Alternate passing the ball between your hands and legs. Start with 10 repetitions and add more as desired.



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