Have A Ball In Your Home Gym

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What are some simple items for home gym exercises?

Have A Ball In Your Home Gym

Keep your home gym exercises from getting boring by including several types of exercise balls as part of your home gym exercise equipment. And if space is an issue, the balls can be deflated when not in use. Some multipurpose options include:

Pilates ball: Pilates balls refer to small balls, usually about 9 inches in diameter, that can be used for mat-based Pilates exercises and other exercises.

Exercise ball: Exercise balls, also known as fitness balls or Swiss balls, can be used for stretching and flexibility exercises as well as for strengthening exercises.

Medicine ball: Medicine balls are weighted balls that can be used to combine strength training with core conditioning.

Remember that a home gym doesn't have to include all sorts of expensive machinery. You can go a long way towards a total fitness routine with one of each type of the balls mentioned above, a sturdy step, and some favorite fitness DVDs for guidance. To take it further, your home gym exercise equipment could include a balance board and resistance bands, neither of which take up much space.



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