Balance Balls Aid In Low-Impact Exercise

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How can I learn low impact exercises with a balance ball?

Balance Balls Aid In Low-Impact Exercise

Sometimes you want an aerobic workout that minimizes the stress on your joints. A balance ball can add the extra challenge to low impact aerobic exercise by engaging the body's core muscles. When you exercise with a balance ball, you are working harder but not adding impact to the exercise routine.

Low impact exercise DVDs offer routines to do at home, so you can spend more time exercising and less time getting to and from the gym. When choosing a DVD for low impact aerobic exercise, keep these points in mind:

-Length: If you want 60 minutes of aerobics, make sure that's what you are getting, vs. 30 minutes of aerobics framed by 2 15-minute stretching segments.

-Equipment: Make sure you have the props that you need. Some low-impact DVDs involve a balance ball, and others also require that you use a resistance band or a Pilates ball.

-Certification: Make sure that the DVD was designed by a reputable, certified fitness professional.



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