Don't Miss The Swiss (Ball) For Total Body Conditioning

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What are some exercises for a Swiss ball?

Don't Miss The Swiss (Ball) For Total Body Conditioning

The term Swiss ball is another name for a fitness ball, exercise ball, stability ball, or physio ball. No matter what name you give them, these large inflatable balls shouldn't be ignored. Almost any upper or lower body exercise has a variation than can be done as exercises on a Swiss ball.

Here's how to do one upper body exercise—the triceps dip—on a Swiss ball:

-Start by squatting with your feet flat on the floor and the ball behind you.

-Place your hands on the ball, fingers pointing at your back.

-Balancing your weight between your hands and feet, lower your hips towards the floor, stopping when your upper arms are parallel to the floor.

-Push back up to the starting position.

-Repeat 10 times.

Also keep in mind that upper body exercises using light dumbbells can be done as Swiss ball activities—sitting on a ball instead of a weight bench adds a core training dimension to the workout.



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