Wobble Board Exercises For All Stages

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How can I challenge myself on a wobble board?

Wobble Board Exercises For All Stages

Wobble board exercises can be broken up into beginner, intermediate and advanced. Choose which level is best for you based on your experience with the work out tool. And then follow these tips for working out:

For beginners:
Begin with a gentle range of motion on the Wobble board until you get used to the movement. Wobble Board Exercises such as moving side-to-side, front-to-back, and in a circular rotation are all excellent basic exercises to start with.

For intermediate:
Do push-ups on the wobble board by placing your hands flat on the board and keeping your wrists in full flexion. Start on your knees and work your way up to full push ups.
Work your abs by sitting on the wobble board and doing a slow rotational movement. Work your trunk and pelvic areas by kneeling on the wobble board and using your trunk muscles to slowly rotate your body. Keep your hands on your hips or by your side. Rotate both clockwise and counter clockwise.

For advanced:
Stand on the wobble board as you shoot baskets or volley or throw a ball. This improves hand-eye coordination and subconscious reaction. The key is to have your conscious mind focusing on one activity while your subconscious mind is working your ankle range of motion and overall stability.



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