Balance Board Exercises for the General Public Versus Athletes

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If I'm an athlete, do I train differently on a balance board?

Balance Board Exercises for the General Public Versus Athletes

If you are not an athlete but want to get in shape, it is recommended you do "balanced push-ups" on your balance board. Grip your hands on each end of the balance board and then do a regular push-up off the board. Or sit on the board and do crunches, lifting your feet off the floor. (Warning: this exercise is not recommended for people with back problems).

Next, standing with one foot on the floor, place the other foot on the balance board and slowly roll it, gently stretching your lower leg and ankle muscles.

One-leg lunges are very effective. Be sure to plant your foot arch on the center of the board and move slowly. Or do squats, which are more advanced but work out your muscles fantastically. And lastly, try what's called "the plank" by slowly raising one leg up and holding.

Balance board for athletes:
Athletes should strive to maintain balance on the boards for at least 30 seconds.
Throw or pass balls back and forth while balanced. Try maintaining balance with your eyes closed. This is very advanced and risky, so you must use a spotter to do this.
Next stand on the balance board with just one foot. With the other foot, draw numbers, letters and shapes in the air.

As you can see, the tasks designed for athletes are much more dangerous and require intense agility and concentration. So exercise caution when choosing the right exercises for you.



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