Golf Training Aids Improve Your Balance on the Fairway

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How can I achieve better balance on the golf course?

Golf Training Aids Improve Your Balance on the Fairway

Improving your balance will indeed improve your golf game. And there are plenty of golf training aids out there designed to help with your balance. Here are some of them:

Balance rod: good balance is essential to consistent shots – putts, chips, and full swings. Standing on the Balance Rod will show you where your weight is located and will tune your body for great balance. Cost is about $20.

Foot wedge: a high-impact plastic wedge developed to teach proper balance. Especially helpful in reducing swaying and maintaining a steady swing center by keeping your weight on the insides of your feet during the golf swing. Cost is about $15.

GolfGym balance ball: a proven, time-tested fitness tool designed to help any golfer improve core strength, flexibility, posture and balance. It also comes with a handy DVD which shows exercises specific to improving your golf game. Cost is about $35.



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