What a Slide Board Can Do to Improve Balance

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How does a slide board work?

What a Slide Board Can Do to Improve Balance

Slide boards provide a dynamic range of motion requiring balance throughout all planes.

Training and rehabilitation with a slide board allows you to work in the sagittal, frontal, and transverse plane while utilizing movement. Slide boards are very popular for upper body stabilization and strength as well as lower body balance and power.

A slide board provides you an opportunity to get a low-impact aerobic workout as you work on balance and leg strength. You can purchase a slide board and special nylon booties for your feet from a sporting goods store. You can also improvise and slide with thick socks on a finished hardwood floor.

Start by standing at one side of the board. Raise your leg and push off toward the other side of the board as if you were skating.
Repeat in the opposite direction.



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