Why Use a Weight Vest?

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What can a weight vest do for me?

Why Use a Weight Vest?

A weight vest is a vest that you strap onto your body that can add between 15 and 100 pounds to your frame. How much weight you add to your frame depends on your overall health and what exact activity you wish you do with it.

For example, a basketball player or rock climber would be better off using a 30 pound basketball vest, and a body-builder would be better off using the 75 pound vest. Also, women prefer the women's designs because they fit them more comfortably.

Athletes use weight vests for extra weight when doing basketball, football and martial arts. Firefighters use them to train. Military men and women use them for a balanced source of body weight for running, pull ups, push ups and even walking.

Weight vests are also used by those working out who want to lose fat by increasing the amount of calories burned during an aerobic activity.



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