Tips for Safe Abdominal Exercises

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What should I know before starting an ab workout?

Tips for Safe Abdominal Exercises

If you're looking to start working out your abs, check out these five abdominal workout tips from fitness experts at before you start to make sure you are set up properly and are not in danger of injuring yourself.

1. Before starting any abdominal exercise, tighten your stomach muscles by "drawing in" your belly button to your spine - this helps stabilize your hips, pelvis and lower back as well as strengthening your deepest abdominal muscle - the transverse abdominus.

2. Avoid lifting with your neck muscles - make sure to keep your chin tucked in a neutral position with a space between your chin and chest.

3. Avoid flexion exercises if you have been diagnosed with osteoporosis - a standard abdominal crunch is an example of a flexion exercise that can be harmful on your lower back if you have osteoporosis. Please contact your doctor first before starting any abdominal exercise program.

4. If you can't do an exercise with proper form, wait until you are stronger and start with easier exercises. You can easily injure your lower back or neck if you try to perform exercises that are too advanced. Start with the exercises you can do with good form first.

5. Discontinue any exercise that increases your pain. If any abdominal exercise increases pain in your lower back, abdomen, pelvis or hips, discontinue the exercise and consult your doctor or medical professional first.



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