Exercise Ball Crunches

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Is it safe to use an exercise ball to work my abs?

Exercise Ball Crunches

You've seen them in the gym, the members who drape their bodies over an exercise ball to do crunches in various positions. Perhaps you've never tried it for fear of doing it wrong, hurting yourself or just plain drawing odd looks. Well, here is a guide to how to do those crunches using an exercise ball so next time you see a free ball at the gym you can grab it and get started.

Here's how to perform a great exercise ball workout for your abs:

Using a large exercise ball, lay your back on the ball with your feet placed firmly on the floor. Your lower back should be centered on top of the ball. Place your hands on either side of your head. Crunch your upper body forward and roll your shoulders towards your hips. Be sure to contract your abs at the top of the movement for a one-count. Slowly return to the starting position and repeat. Also, for added muscle building, hold a weight plate across your chest for added resistance.



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