Yoga Focuses on Flexibility to Improve Balance

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How is yoga different from core conditioning?

Yoga Focuses on Flexibility to Improve Balance

Yoga improves your fitness and balance by emphasizing flexibility in addition to building strength. The more yoga you do, the more flexible you become, which allows you to progress to more advanced yoga poses. But yoga also builds strength because you are using your own body weight to hold the poses. By contrast, core conditioning exercises are less concerned with flexibility. Core conditioning principles focus on training the body to respond efficiently to outside resistance while moving (whether that is mowing the lawn or hitting a golf ball).



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YogaK said:

People often seem to think the flexibility is the best part of benefit from Yoga. However, flexibility is only part of component that you can gain from Asana (posture) practice.
The Core strength within Yoga practice is one of the fundamental part since ancient time. It is called "Bandha", it has got various method to practice. You can practice these technique independently or/and utilise them into asanas practice. So don't forget, yoga is not only bendy & stretchy practice for girls! It also strengthens your body including your core.


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