Sit Pretty On A Balance Disc

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How does a balance disc work?

Sit Pretty On A Balance Disc

Some balance discs provide another option for active sitting. Look for a balance disc that features one flat side, one curved side, and a low side profile. When you sit on the curved side, your core stability will improve because you are forced to work the core muscles to keep your balance. Some balance discs, such as the FitBALL® SeatingDisc, also can be used for kneeling and standing as part of an exercise routine. This disc is rounded on one side, flat on the other and has a very low side profile, making it convenient for office use.

Of course, sitting on a balance disc is not a substitute for a complete fitness program. But it can help undo some of the side effects of a desk job or other extended periods of sitting. Try keeping one balance disc at work and using another one at home. But start slowly. Sit on the disc for an hour, or half an hour if you aren't used to doing core strengthening exercises. Then gradually work up until you can sit on the disc all day while keeping your core muscles engaged and working. The textured surface is one option. You can also use the smooth surface if you prefer. The textured surface is for air venting and sensory input.



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