Promote Core Strength With A SitSolution Ball

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How does a balance pad promote core strength?

Promote Core Strength With A SitSolution Ball

A SitSolution Ball is a convenient way to engage your core muscles through active sitting. A SitSolution Ball is among the easiest options for active sitting in a range of office situations. This ball comes complete with five attached pegs or feet. The pegs collapse when you sit on the ball so that you still get all of the core strength benefits. When you get up, the pegs spring back, stabilizing the ball to keep it from rolling away.

-Meetings. Use the SitSolution ball in conference rooms during long meetings. You'll work your core with the help of sitting on this uneven surface while also promoting better posture.

-Desk. Replace that old, stiff desk chair with a SitSolution Ball. They come in a variety of sizes and colors and are both lightweight and very affordable. Working out is more fun when you don't even have to think about it.

-Workout. Use the SitSolution Ball when doing stretching exercises at your desk. It is recommended that you take a ten minute break once per hour to stretch and move around. Imagine how good it will feel to lay back across the SitSolution ball to stretch your back, legs and abs after sitting for so long.



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