Get Kids On The Ball (Or Board, Or Disc)

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What are some balance exercises for kids

Get Kids On The Ball (Or Board, Or Disc)

You're never too young to be fit, and a well-rounded fitness routine for kids that includes balance exercises can help them develop strength and coordination. And kids who are active and fit are more likely to develop strong bones and strong hearts, and less likely to become overweight, develop diabetes, or high blood pressure, or get sick or injured.

A yoga ball, or exercise ball, is a great way to introduce kids to balance exercises. Start by encouraging young children to lie across the ball and roll around, and to try sitting on it. They'll be having fun and improving their balance without even knowing it!

As for balance exercises for kids who are older: introduce them to crunches and push-ups using the balance ball. Older kids can use balance discs and wobble boards to improve their coordination and core muscle strength, which can help them with sports skills, and may help prevent injuries.



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