Cushion Your Seat And Tone Your Core

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What is a balance cushion?

Cushion Your Seat And Tone Your Core

A balance cushion provides another method of core balance training through “active sitting” on an uneven surface. A balance cushion, also known as a balance disc, is perfect for older persons or physical therapy patients who are working to improve their balance and strengthen their core. The same core balance training exercises that can be done while sitting on an exercise ball can be done at a less strenuous level while sitting on a chair with a balance cushion.
The two biggest factors for using a balance cushion or a balance disc as an active sitting tool are:

1) At least one side should be rounded and not flat.

2) The side of the cushion/disc should have a low profile so that when it is being used for sitting, it does not cut off circulation in your upper thighs.

The FitBALL® SeatingDisc has a smooth side and a bumpy side-the bumps provide sensory feedback and allow air circulation, which keeps the cushion from getting sweaty. This cushion is available in two sizes—12 inches and 15 inches—and it can be used by adults and children in a car or in any chair. The FitBALL® SeatingDisc also works well in an office setting. Not all offices will permit a fitness ball chair, but a balance cushion subtly fits in an office chair, for core and balance strengthening while you work.



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