Core Strength Lays the Foundation For Daily Activities

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Why is core strength important?

Core Strength Lays the Foundation For Daily Activities

If you think core strength is just for athletes, think again. Core strength exercises are an important part of an overall fitness plan. Here's why: Core muscles support your body. They help you stand tall, sit up straight, and perform daily activities such as lifting groceries or shoveling snow.

Wondering how to improve core strength? Core stability workouts can include exercises using props such as fitness balls or wobble boards, or just incorporating your own body weight.

The importance of core stability applies to people of all ages and activity levels. Several basic balance tools, such as a FitBALL® exercise ball, are useful to build core strength regardless of your current fitness level.

Abdominal crunches on an exercise ball build strength more effectively than crunches done on the floor because you are engaging the deep abdominal muscles to keep your balance. An exercise ball can be inflated to a lesser degree when you are just learning to use it, and then you can inflate it more for a greater balance challenge.



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