Fitness Balls Promote Form And Function

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How can fitness balls help with functional fitness?

Fitness Balls Promote Form And Function

Functional fitness has become a popular phrase among fitness trainers and physical therapists. Functional training involves exercises that teach different muscle groups to work together, so that you are more prepared to handle the normal daily activities, such as carrying a child or heaving a suitcase into the car without hurting yourself. A functional training exercise involves standing and performing exercises using free weights, versus lifting weights on a seated weight machine.

Several types of fitness balls serve as functional training equipment, including the following:

-Weighted balls: Weighted balls such as FitBALL® SoftMeds balls are easier to hold than other types of hand weights, so you can work through a full range of motion and engage more muscle groups simultaneously.

-Balance tools: Many functional fitness workouts include a balance tool such as a bongo board, balance board or wobble board to improve balance and proprioceptoion.



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