Stability Balls Offer Cardio Boost

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Can I get a cardio workout using a stability ball?

Stability Balls Offer Cardio Boost

A stability ball is a great piece of equipment for building core strength and for improving balance, but you can use the ball as part of a calorie-burning cardio workout, too.

Try adding some of these cardio moves as part of your next stability ball workout:

-The Skier: Sit up straight on the ball with your feet together, and raise your feet slightly off the floor. As you swing both legs to the right, swing both arms across your body to the left, as if you were holding ski poles. Repeat on the other side, and continue to alternate sides.

-The Runner: Sit up straight on a stability ball with your abs pulled in towards your spine. Alternate raising your right, then left knee, as high as possible while bouncing up and down on the ball. Keep your torso as straight as possible.

Remember that firmer the stability ball, the more intense core workout you'll get. If you are new to stability ball training, try these exercises with the ball less than fully inflated.



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