Exercise can help prevent bone loss, even in people already suffering from osteoporosis.

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How can elderly exercise prevent bone loss?

Exercise can help prevent bone loss, even in people already suffering from osteoporosis.

A sedentary lifestyle encourages the loss of bone mass and, for many years, doctors and scientists have been teaching younger people that they could prevent bone loss through a calcium-rich diet and regular activity, including weight-bearing exercise. While this was great information for people who did not have osteoporosis already, it did not provide individuals suffering from severe bone loss with any way to help strengthen their musculoskeletal systems, prevent falls, or ensure faster recovery. The good news is that more recent research suggests that people with existing osteoporosis can also benefit from exercise because exercising regularly not only reduces the rate of bone loss, it also conserves remaining bone tissue, reducing the risk of fractures. It can also help build the muscles surrounding your bones, increase flexibility in the joints, and generally enhance the ability of your muscles, tendons and joints to support and protect the bones.



6/19/2006 11:42:33 AM
Daniel Snyder said:

Teaching weight training, fitness, and balance classes for senior citizens, informing our older adults that weight-bearing and resistance exercises can help even those with osteoporosis is a great help for those of us who try to spread the word. Have the back up of research is even better, thanks.


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