Exercises that people with severe osteoporosis should generally avoid.

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What senior exercises should people with osteoperosis avoid?

Exercises that people with severe osteoporosis should generally avoid.

Because people with osteoporosis have bones prone to fracturing, they should avoid high-impact activities, and activities in which sudden motions and potential falls are likely. Such activities include high-impact aerobics, exercise requiring sudden jolts, stops and starts - such as tennis or squash - or activities, exercises that require a twisting motion, such as a golf swing, and any other activity that requires forceful movements. Because golf, tennis, running and other activities included in this list are enjoyable ways for seniors to stay fit, definitely consult with a health-care professional about whether you should be participating in such activities, and how often and at what intensity.



3/5/2007 12:36:41 PM
Daniel said:

Regarding the statement ". . . and any other activity taht requires forceful movements." Are you including weight training, resistance bands, or free exercise? If so isn't that contradicting the need for anaerobic exercise to keep muscle and bone strength? A resonse would be appreciated considering I teach a weight training and fitness program for senior citizens many of whom have osteoporosis. I thank you in advance, Daniel.


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