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Use Charts to Guide Your Exercises

Fitter1 Tip: Make sure you do your exercises right and avoid injury. Follow the exercise charts that come with all FitterFirst exercise balls and the ProFitter cross trainer.


Why Is It Swiss?

Fitter1 Tip: If you want to learn more about training with a Swiss ball, there are many books and videos that will advance your knowledge and improve your workout. You can purchase Swiss balls online and get exercise suggestions and training guides to use with your Swiss ball.


A Stronger Core

Fitter1 Tip: All balance training is partly core strength training. From foam rollers, to balance boards, to balance balls, all balance devices involve your core muscles for stabilization and develop strength as well.


Better Golf for Back Pain Sufferers

Fitter1 Tip: One good golf training aid is the Fore Board. This balance board has the option of one or two pivot points. Use it to improve your balance while you practice your swing.


Benefits of Foot Massage

Fitter1 Tip: With the Cobblestone Walkway, you can have your own cobblestone path. It comes in 72-inch length for walking. The 16 x 16-inch cobblestone mat will give you a fine foot massage. The Cobblestone Walkway comes with instructions for the same 16-week program that was so successful in a research study.


The Latest Ski Machine

Fitter1 Tip: The Skii Trikke is the latest ski machine and one of the easiest to learn and use. It weighs only 29.3 lb (maximum rider weight is 251 lb), and folds up for easy portability.

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