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Can children use balance boards as child exercise equipment?

Supervise children while they are using balance boards and other equipment.

Children often cannot move in a controlled, careful manner, and they should be supervised while using balance boards, exercise balls, and on other unstable surfaces. Once children become accustomed to using these tools and understand the purpose of these devices, and their own limits, children can really benefit from such balance equipment. Still, coach and monitor them to ensure their safety.

How can balance help child physical development?

Encourage physical activity and balance development in your children.

Daily exercise should be a priority in our lives, no matter what our age. Many online stores offer a wide variety of fitness products for young children. Not only are these products fun; they will enhance your child's gross and fine motor skills, help build self-esteem and develop healthy attitudes towards exercise. Early child development should be a combination of physical and mental stimulation and many of these products will help with both.

How do I select balance equipment for my child?

Select balance training equipment scaled to the smaller size and special needs of children.

Some balance training equipment designed especially for children is available. The unpredictable bounce of the Z-Ball and Reaction Ball improve hand-eye coordination and reaction time. The wedge-shaped Movin' Sit, Jr. encourages proper posture and alignment while sitting at a desk. Swiss balls and Disco Sits are also available in sizes that have been scaled down to meet kids' needs. These are great for child fitness exercise and are fun to use to boot!

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