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What is a wobble board?

Using a Wobble Board will improve your balance and can add a new challenge to your training.

The Wobble Board has a non-slip surface and three different angulations, so that you can continue to challenge yourself as your balance, coordination and strength improve. While the is designed specifically with classic balance exercises in mind, it can also be used to add a balance training component to traditional strength training exercises. Once you feel comfortable with your balance, try standing on a wobble board while doing squats, push-ups or lunges. Or, sit on it while you do your abdominal crunches and leg lifts. You will be amazed at how much more challenging these exercises become on an unstable surface!


Balance Board for ACL Training

Fitter1 Tip: The most popular of the balance boards for balance training, injury prevention, and rehabilitation is the wobble board. Wobble board exercises can be used in beginner and advanced balance training.

Does balance training prevent ankle and knee injuries?

Balance Board for ACL Training

Proprioception training on a balance board reduces anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries in soccer players, according to research. This training also helps reduce ankle sprains and rehabs ACL injuries. Balance board training is recommended for all athletes.

What are the benefits of a balance board?

The benefits of balance board training are physical and psychological.

Training with the balance board will help you improve your balance, coordination and proprioceptive awareness, all of which will help you prevent and recover from injuries. Moreover, balance board training can help your build your core strength and stability, increase the range of motion in your lower extremities, and improve your posture. All these physical benefits can engender greater body awareness and confidence that will positively affect your athletic performance, your recovery from injury, and daily living activities.

What is a balance board?

A balance board is a simple, multi-purpose tool to improve balance, range of motion and strength.

In its most basic construction, a balance board is a wooden disc atop half of a ball. The balance board creates an unstable surface that provides active and reactive rehabilitation for the lower kinetic chain. Balance boards (sometimes also known as “wobble” boards) can be used to improve posture and balance, increase range of motion and strengthen the lower extremities. Balance boards are appropriate for therapy as well as athletic training, and they can be fun around the house or at the office to just get your body moving and reacting.

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