Balance Frequently Asked Questions

What is balance?

How can poor balance effect my health?

What is balance training?

What is a one leg stand exercise?

How can I use a balance board?

What is core stability?

What exercises can help me with balance and core stability?

How can pilates help with core strength?

What is gyrotonics?

What is iyengar yoga?

What is the alexander technique?

What is the feldenkrais method?

How do abdominal muscles effect core strength?

What are some good core strength exercises using a swiss ball?

What is an ab roll?

How can I use a balance board to increase core stability?

What is a balance board?

What is a wobble board?

What are the benefits of a balance board?

What is a swiss ball?

How can I exercise with a swiss ball?

Why should I sit on a swiss ball when at home or at work?

What is proprioception?

How can I test my own proprioception?

When should I begin proprioception exercises?

How hard are proprioception exercises?

What is functional training?

What are the benefits of functional training?

What can functional exercise do for me?

What is a bongo board?

How do I use a bongo board?

How can I change the level of difficulty when using a bongo board?

How does balance effect ski training?

How can I increase my flexibility in ski training?

Why are balance and coordination important in skiing training?

How can strength training help my skiing training?

How can I improve my lateral stability with ski training exercises?

How are aerobic fitness and balance tied together?

How can low impact exercise help me?

Why does low impact exercise protect me from injury?

What are some good low impact exercises?

Why is swimming a good low-impact exercise?

How is swimming related balance?

Is cycling a good low impact exercise?

How can skating and roller blading help my core strength?

Is rowing a good low impact exercise?

Is cross country skiing a good low impact workout?

What are some types of low impact exercise equipment?

What are some physical therapy exercises?

What is ergonomics?

How can I improve workplace ergonomics?

Can I use a balance ball office chair?

How do I choose a balance ball office chair?

How can I sit actively without using a balance ball?

How can I use a wobble board in the office?

What is a power web and how can I use it to increase hand strength?

At what height should my desk be for optimal workplace ergonomics?

At what height should my moniter be for office ergonomics?

How should I arrange my desk to make it more ergonomic?

How should I set up my keyboard for correct computer ergonomics?

Why should I use a book stand for improved ergonomics?

Should I use a headset to improve workplace ergonomics?

Should I use a footrest at my desk?

What exercises can I do to aid in injury prevention?

What exercises should I do and how should I do them for preventative health care?

I want to do something to improve my sports injury prevention, how can I do that?

How does building functional strength help in back injury prevention?

How can balance training help prevent ACL injuries?

How can I use preventative maintenance to avoid ankle injury?

Will incorporating balance training help with preventative health care?

How can balance help child physical development?

Can children use balance boards as child exercise equipment?

How do I select balance equipment for my child?

How can balance training and senior exercise help strengthen bones?

How can elderly exercise prevent bone loss?

What are some good exercise programs for the elderly that will help reduce risk of injury?

Should I check with my doctor before doing senior exercise?

What are elderly exercises recommended for people with osteoperosis?

What senior exercises should people with osteoperosis avoid?

How can regular exercise help seniors?

How can balance exercises help the elderly?

What are some simple senior balance exercises?

What is a good simple senior exercise?

What are some good elderly exercises?

How will I gain the most benefit from elderly exercise?

How can stroke patients use exercise in rehabilitation?

How can exercise programs for the elderly reduce the risks of falling?

Is Pilates a good pregnancy exercise?

Is basic pilates good for core strength in pregnant women?

What is the Saw in pilates?

How can I do a front leg pull if I'm pregnant?

What is a good pregnancy exercise?

How can I do a side kick in pilates when pregnant?

How can I improve my back strength with exercise during pregnancy?

What pregnancy exercises should I avoid?

What are some safe pregnancy exercises?

What is a birth ball?

How can I use an exercise ball during pregnancy?

What does a balance board do for you?

What can a wobble board do for you?

How can I challenge myself on a wobble board?

What ailments are associated with balance problems?

What is a roam roller and what can it do for you?

If I'm an athlete, do I train differently on a balance board?

How can I engage my child in physical activity?

Can improving my balance improve my vertigo symptoms?

What does the government advise about exercising and balance?

What are some fat-burning workout trends for this year?

How do celebrities get such fabulous glutes?

How often should I inhale and exhale when exercising?

How can I stay more focused on my repetitions and not quit early?

What keeps us balanced?

What kind of balance boards are there out there?

What is a Bongo board and what does it do?

How can I work my abs along with my balance?

How can I create my own exercise chart?

How can I achieve better balance on the golf course?

What does a ski machine do?

How does a slide board work?

Is balance boarding a sport?

How can a medicine ball improve my golf game?

Does a hockey player need more than strength training?

How many calories can I burn by cross country skiing?

What can I do to improve my agility and quickness when skiing?

Why would I use an elliptical cross trainer machine?

What exercises can I do to optimize my skiing?

Is there a machine that can help me ski better?

What are some golf workout tips I can use?

Does golf really give you a decent workout?

What is core stability?

Why is core strength important?

What can I do to improve my core strength?

How can a stability ball help me tone those love handles?

What is the benefit of using resistance bands in my workout?

How can a medicine ball improve my workout?

What can a weight vest do for me?

Will doing 100 crunches a night help my abs?

Why should I use an exercise ball for my abs?

What should I know before starting an ab workout?

How should I train my core strength as a triathlete?

What's the best way to target muscles when strength training?

What is the right exercise ball for my height?

When is the best time of day to do core strength exercises?

What should I stretch before core strength exercises?

Is it safe to use an exercise ball to work my abs?

What are some new ways to use resistance bands?

How do I use an exercise ball for upper-body conditioning?

How can an exercise ball help my abs?

What is the correct inflation for a fitness ball?

Can sitting on an exercise ball enhance my triceps exercise?

Are Swiss balls different from other fitness balls or exercise balls?

Will exercise balls go flat over time?

What size exercise ball should I buy?

Can you use a balance ball if you are injured?

Can you hurt yourself while using an exercise ball?

What should I wear during a Swiss ball workout?

Can an exercise ball help my low back pain?

Can kids use exercise balls?

Does the ball help hips and thighs?

Do fitness ball exercises do anything for my behind (gluteal muscles)?

How do I use a balance ball for stretching?

Can an exercise ball help my tight hips?

What does core fitness mean?

How can I build stability in my pelvic muscles?

How can I strengthen my lower back?

What is a BOSU ball and how does it improve balance?

Can a BOSU ball help with muscle imbalances?

How can a cobblestone mat help my balance?

How are foam rollers used in Pilates?

What muscles make up the abdomen?

How can I strenghen my obliques?

Can a medicine ball help with balance?

What cardio workouts engage the core muscles?

Why is stretching important to fitness?

How is yoga different from core conditioning?

How does Pilates differ from yoga?

What are some simple BOSU ball exercises?

What is the right way to stand on a BOSU ball?

How can I make sit-ups more challenging?

Can an ergonomic chair prevent back pain?

How should I position my arms for ergonomic seating?

How do I know whether my ergonomic chair is adjusted correctly?

Am I sitting too far back in my ergonomic chair?

Why do I need lumbar support?

How can I relieve neck pain when Iím sitting at my desk?

Can adjusting the armrests on an ergonomic chair make me more comfortable?

Does sitting on an exercise ball do me any good, even if Iím not doing exercises?

How do I sit on a ball chair?

How can I have better office ergonomics?

How can I make my desk more ergonomic?

How can monitor stands help with workplace ergonomics?

Do I need a keyboard/mouse tray?

What should I do if my feet donít reach the floor at my desk?

How long is too long to sit in a chair?

What are the benefits of an exercise ball chair?

How does a kneeling chair help posture?

What is cross training?

What is a good way to rehab an ankle sprain?

How do you use a wobble board?

What's the best way to work on balance and agility?

What is a BOSU Ball?

Do people still use the Bongo Board?

Is extra movement required to sit on a ball?

What should I sit on when I'm away from home?

How can I correct my seated posture?

How should I choose a fitness ball for strength training?

What can I do for shoulder pain from swimming?

How are foam rollers used?

What should I use a medicine ball for?

Who uses weight vests, and why?

Which sports are associated with slide board training?

How does yoga affect balance?

What is a good machine to use on ski slopes?

Is foot massage effective for anything?

How can I overcome back pain and play golf?

How do you build core strength?

What do they call it a Swiss ball?

How can I remember how to do exercises right?

How do I do ab exercises on an exercise ball?

Are there any lower body exercises I can do with a ball?

Are fitness ball exercises better than floor exercises?

Can you use an exercise ball as a chair?

Does balance training prevent ankle and knee injuries?

Does balance training make you strong?

What equipment is good for balance exercises?

Do athletes use the BOSU Ball?

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