Three Fat Burning Trends for 2006

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What are some fat-burning workout trends for this year?

Three Fat Burning Trends for 2006

If you are tired of your workout routine and want to add some pizazz, check out these three hot workout trends for 2006, courtesy of Fitness Magazine.

Sports-specific training:
Taking a class to help you gear up for a sport is becoming a popular way to work out. Whether you're gearing up for a triathlon or a snowboarding trip, you'll find a class to help you reach your goal. Some classes might include a competition or an adventure trip when the training is complete. Other sports-specific classes to look for: golf, surfing, skiing, and even basketball.

Physical therapy tools for everyone:
Think Bosus, foam rollers, small balls, and wobble boards. According to IDEA Health & Fitness Association, an organization of health and fitness professionals, these rehabilitating tools are making their way into gyms because they challenge your muscles in a different way, improve balance skills, and sculpt sexy muscles all over.

Trainers for two:
One trainer working with more than one person (anywhere from two to six) allows you to get one-on-one attention with the motivation of a group, according to the American Council on Exercise. Plus, it's more affordable - you'll save up to about $50 a session.



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