Hockey Slide Boards Train Players More Fully

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Does a hockey player need more than strength training?

Hockey Slide Boards Train Players More Fully

Well-rounded hockey players need to strengthen their core as well as their legs. There's no doubt that hockey players need strong legs. Hockey players also need speed. However, some may not realize the stress placed on a hockey player's midsection during the game. For this reason, simple weight lifting is not as effective as an all-body workout that includes a hockey slide board.

As a player races toward the puck, his or her center of gravity is slightly shifted forward due to the forward lean of the trunk in the skating motion. The trunk actually rotates left to right. The center of gravity for the player shifts as well.

Because of all this, experts recommend hockey players do 30 seconds on a hockey slide board (quality reps, stay low and make sure to get full extension in the hip, knee and ankle) as part of his or her overall workout regimen.



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