A Ski Exercise to Improve Agility and Quickness

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What can I do to improve my agility and quickness when skiing?

A Ski Exercise to Improve Agility and Quickness

A great ski exercise that will help you achieve quick feet, lower-body strength and muscle strength is what is called a "side step." Use resistance bands for an even more intense workout.

Increase your agility and quickness and push yourself toward a more confident, explosive skiing style by following these directions for a side step, courtesy of Ski Magazine.

Stand in a semi-squat position and step side to side, maintaining the stance throughout the exercise. Keep your head up, avoid hunching your back, and focus on your "inside edge" as you push off. Try this quad burner for 30 seconds, rest for one minute, and repeat three times.

As you improve, attach a sport cord or resistance band to a doorjamb or any secure point off to the side of you. Place the belt around your waist, and get into the starting semi-squat position. Position yourself far enough from the door so that there is constant tension on the band. As you perform the exercise, you may find that your body feels unstable - that's ok; as you continue, you'll build stability and power. Do the exercise for 30 seconds on one side, then switch to the other. Do three sets on each side. Soon you'll feel more power in your lateral leaping - and in the ski bumps.



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