Resistance Bands Produce Quicker Results

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What is the benefit of using resistance bands in my workout?

Resistance Bands Produce Quicker Results

According to Fitness Magazine, research shows that combining resistance bands to dumbbell workouts can increase lower-body strength three times as fast. That's because the bands' elasticity challenges the muscles throughout a greater range of motion.

Here are some quick exercises you can do with dumbbells and resistant bands that take only 5 minutes and can triple your workout results:

Push-up row:
- Begin in a modified push-up, knees on floor
- Place dumbbells on floor under shoulders, resistance band across upper back; hold an end of band in each hand
- Do one full push-up with hands on weights, then drive left elbow toward ceiling, bringing dumbbell to ribs
- Lower weight; repeat on right side.
- Do 8 to 12 reps per side.

Lateral lunge with side raise:
- Stand with feet wider than shoulder-width apart
- Anchor one end of band under right foot
- Hold other end with dumbbell in right hand
- Bend right knee, shifting weight to right leg
- Raise right arm out to side parallel to floor, elbow slightly bent
- Do 8 to 12 reps and then change sides

Squat with biceps curl:

- Stand on center of band with feet slightly wider than shoulder width, holding a dumbbell and end of band in each hand
- Keeping elbows near sides, curl weights toward shoulders
- Lower dumbbells as you squat
- Stand and lift weights; do 8 to 12 reps.

Stationary lunge with triceps kickback:
- Stand in a lunge with right foot back
- Place center of band under left foot
- Hold a band end and a dumbbell in each hand, extend arms behind you, keeping your chest lifted
- Repeat for 4 to 6 reps, then switch sides.

Reverse lunge with front raise:
- Stand with feet together and one end of band under right foot
- Hold the other end of band and a dumbbell in left hand
- Place right hand on hip
- Step left foot behind you and bend both knees 90 degrees
- Simultaneously, raise left arm in front of you to shoulder height
- Lower and repeat
- Do 8 to 12 reps; switch sides.



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