How to Sit on a Ball Chair

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How do I sit on a ball chair?

How to Sit on a Ball Chair

If you want to use an exercise ball as an office chair, sit directly on top of the ball and adjust the height of the base so your knees are lower than your hip sockets and your feet are flat on the floor. This is different from sitting in an ergonomic chair, where your knees should form a 90-degree angle. Move back and forth on the ball to find the spot that is most comfortable for you. A balance ball chair consists of a flexible vinyl ball that sits in a base like that of a traditional office chair, with wheels and the ability to swivel that makes it easy to move around a workstation.

As with any new activity, it is important to start slowly when using ball chairs. Start by sitting on the exercise ball chair for one hour or less on the first day, and add an hour each day for the first week. Take frequent breaks to stand up, move around, and stretch your upper body.



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