Meet the BOSU Ball

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What is a BOSU Ball?

Meet the BOSU Ball

Exercise balls are among the most versatile exercise aids around, but they are not the only thing you need. The standard exercise ball is great for abdominal exercises and core strengthening, not to mention agility and reflex training, but it falls short on lower body exercises. For one thing, you can sit on a ball, but most people cannot stand on it safely.
The obvious thing might be to use half a ball, and you can do that. It's called the BOSU Ball. Put the flat side down, and it won't go anywhere, but you can still stand on the curved surface for balance training. Do lunges off the ball in any direction, and try a variety of 1-leg squats for lower body strength. You can jump off and on for plyometrics. Athletes love the BOSU Ball, but it can enhance anybody's workout routine.



11/29/2011 1:27:09 PM
Roberta said:

How do you know what size bosu is right for you? I have found them ranging in size from 25-65


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