Combat Cubicle Slump With Ergonomic Seating

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What can I do to improve my workplace seating?

Combat Cubicle Slump With Ergonomic Seating

Although a desk job may not seem physically demanding, it takes a toll on the body. Extended periods of sitting at a desk typing can leave you stiff, sore, and tired. Ideally, stand up once an hour and take a stroll around the office.

Improving your workplace ergonomics is a great idea, too. Ergonomic seating can include everything from replacing your desk chair with a fitness ball to placing a balance cushion or wedge on your current office chair. Anything that creates an unstable surface will help promote good posture and core strength while you sit. But ergonomic seating doesn't mean that you have to be an athlete, or that you have to be uncomfortable.

To create a more ergonomic seating position, try an inflatable ergonomic seat cushion. A FitBALL® Wedge, a 13-inch inflatable cushion, has a smooth side and a nubby side, so you can choose whether you simply want ergonomic cushioning or some core training while you work.



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