Exercise Balls Add A New Dimension To Injury Prevention

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How can an exercise ball prevent injuries?

Exercise Balls Add A New Dimension To Injury Prevention

Exercise balls, such as the Gymnic exercise ball, are excellent tools for athletic conditioning. You can tone your core muscles and use the ball as a bench to do strength training exercises, and many people swear that fitness ball crunches are the ultimate ab workout.

But wait, there's more. Exercise ball workouts may help with the prevention of injuries. The movement of your arms and legs starts with the spine. Add core strengthening exercises using a fitness ball to your workout routine and you will build strength in the muscles that stabilize your body. Consequently, the muscles of the arms and legs will have more support and they will be less likely to get injured.

Injury prevention is especially important if you want to take your sports performance to the next level. For example, if you're a serious runner, you probably have strong legs. But if you ignore your core exercises, the weak muscles in your hips and low back won't give your legs the support they need to carry you through longer or faster runs.



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