Get Seniors On The Ball For Strength And Flexibility

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Can senior citizen use an exercise ball?

Get Seniors On The Ball For Strength And Flexibility

An exercise ball workout is a safe and effective way to introduce balance exercises to older adults, because the stability of the ball can be adjusted to suit a range of skill levels. Alternatively, the Egg Ball, available at, provides more contact with the floor, so it is well suited for balance training for seniors.

As an introduction to balance exercises for older adults, start with a simple back stretch on an exercise ball or Egg Ball:

-Sit on the ball with your feet flat on the floor and your hands behind your head.

-Take small steps forward, allowing your back to roll onto the ball.

-Keep moving forward until your upper back is curved over the ball.

-For a more intense back stretch, extend your arms over your head.

-Place your hands back behind your head, and gradually roll back up to the starting position.

-Move slowly at first, so you can adjust to the feeling of the ball.



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