Make sure your desk is adjusted to the proper height.

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At what height should my desk be for optimal workplace ergonomics?

Make sure your desk is adjusted to the proper height.

Desk height is a vital aspect of workspace ergonomics as proper keyboard, monitor and phone placement all depend on the height of your desk. If at all possible, determine the appropriate height for your sitting surface BEFORE assessing and adjusting your desk height. Your desk height should allow for comfortable and easy access to the various components of your workstation. Make sure you are neither hunched over nor straining yourself to perform your work activities. Remember, adjust your workspace to your needs; do not adjust your movements to your workspace.



5/4/2007 9:15:55 AM
MVS said:

This is the most retarded thing I have ever read. If you needed to read this page to know that your desk should be at a comfortable height then you are equally as dense as the author.

8/14/2007 1:38:44 PM
mel said:

if only money was no object, I would have an awesome ergonomic setup


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